Design transformers and inductors perfectly optimized with “Clever-Suite”

The ultimate software based on more than 30 years’ experience

The best solution for your business

Clever-Suite is the ultimate solution that enables you to design transformers and inductors by cutting down design time by 54% on average and considerably reducing your company overheads. It is based on more than 30 years’ experience, is highly reliable in terms of calculations and enables you to drastically cut down on errors, from design to production, by making effective use of your stocks.

Technical advantages

Focus on the essence of your project

Avoid repetitive work which may be automated

Boost automation of the applications will spare you all the tedious jobs with little technical  content

Cut down on errors

Even when dealing with special components you can rely on correct calculations and therefore you have no need to worry

Nowadays competitiveness increasingly centres on expertise and the elements you need to design are ever more complex so make use of an appropriate design software

Optimize your projects with no effort

Quickly create variants of the same project

You can compare the cost of more variants and increase your business competitiveness

Deal quickly with offers and projects

Avoid piling work on your desk

Thanks to the software automations you can deal with offers the same day, thereby increasing the chances that they will turn into orders

Tap on work already done

Do not design again elements you analysed in the past

The advanced search system enables you to easily find elements similar to the one you have to design, thus saving on time and effort

Easily manage all the documents

Put a stop to transcription and filing jobs

The automated production of almost all documents and their filing relieves you from this task which can lead to errors

Business benefits

Make optimized offers

Optimize your product in a quick and easy way even at the offering stage


  • By meeting your client’s requirements at the lowest possible cost
  • By increasing by an average of 58% the chances that the offer will turn into an order.

Improve quality

Cut nonconformities almost down to zero

Calculations are sure-proof also for special components, documents are created in an  automatic way thereby avoiding typing errors. Your nonconformities are cut by 80%

Increase your market competitiveness

Design time is halved

Your technical department can spend longer on planning and your project becomes ever more competitive

Cut down on waste

Optimize your stocks

The applications select standard materials by choice.  Thus, you considerably cut down on your stocks, hence saving on management costs

Slash production costs

Your production departments get clearer documents

Documents are in standard format and easy to follow. Work flows more easily and errors are cut

Protect your business

Secure your business know-how

The software is secure. Thanks to our special kind of licence, the software may not be copied and operated on other computers, thereby making it impossible for third parties to get hold of it.

Opinions of those who chose us

As manufacturers of low-voltage transformers, we have found CLEVER a valid support tool for the design and, most of all, optimum implementation of the machine in detail.

We have appreciated the user-friendly and pragmatic design data entry leading to a detailed and precise outcome, which is then reflected in the actual making of the product. The measured parameters are then reflected in our lab tests, thus confirming how valid the formulations found in the software are

Being able to manage the components’ database enables us to handle stocks cost-effectively. We have also appreciated the option of keeping a design archive which enables us not only to trace the final product but also to safeguard the know-how acquired.


Budoia (PN), Zucchiatti elettromeccanica

My job as a consultant is mostly about designing special electromagnetic elements. This is why I have long been using the CLEVER applications, which enable me to quickly find solutions whilst being confident of the outcome of computations, even with elements that largely differ from standards. The opportunity to find out the cost of materials enables me to render my designs cost-effective.

Excellent after-sales service.


Novara, Tematec Consulting

I use CLEVER SUITE as a designer of transformers and inductors and maintain that it’s a very valid, powerful and extremely easy-to-use tool. Thanks to its integrated mechanical design I can get weights, costs and sizes without additional computations so that I am able, in little time, to comply with specifications that sometimes involve very strict requirements. The chance to file executed designs and look them up through an efficient search tool, enables me to use studies carried out in the past, thereby cutting down on design times. The documents CLEVER produces, which are well made and easy to read, have also been appreciated by my clients.


CH - Manno, Estecom sagl

We have only been using Clever Suite for a short time. Nevertheless, we can already see that we have taken a considerable step forward in terms of both design and internal organisation.

In addition to the reliability of the electrical calculation and the completeness of the mechanical design, we appreciate the integration of all the information in a single application, which also has a positive impact on other departments.

The reporting is excellent.

When fully operational, we see significant time savings and an improvement in quality.


Zelo Buon Persico (LO), Trasf ECO

In our activity of designing and manufacturing low voltage transformers and chokes, we have found in CLEVER a safe, precise and reliable tool.

We appreciate its ease and speed of calculation, allowing us to optimise our designs, all of which are made to a high standard of precision, including special magnetics. The ease of storing and sharing the designs and the wealth of information is another plus point.


Montecchio Maggiore (VI), Trasfoproject

We have been manufacturing transformers for forty years and had long been looking for a useful, precise, detailed and at the same time simple tool for the design of our products.

CLEVER helped us to open up to new markets and to confirm previously collected data.

The consultancy provided by Dr. ZANINI is truly present and constant. ZANINI’s consultancy was very present and constant, always available to satisfy our requests with great professionalism and cordiality.


Brescia - Italia, AB Trasformatori

Clever Suite is an excellent solution for designing electromagnetic elements. In just a few clicks you can design, quote and archive.

Continuous updates and a professional and experienced support TEAM.


Moscazzano (CR), CTA Trasformatori

Try Clever-Suite

It’s really easy to implement CLEVER-SUITE in your company: you can start appreciating its benefits gradually and decide only after you’ve used it whether you wish to invest money on it.

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