Daniela Zanini ESC


Daniela Zanini E.S.C. was born in 2010.

After more than 20 years in programming, software development and applied research working alongside leading European companies in the production of transformers and inductors, I decided to bring one of my dreams to fruition:to set up a series of applications for designing electromagnetic elements that would encompass in a powerful and thorough way each side of the design process.

To implement this, I made use of the latest IT tools available and I invited the best-known specialists in the field – who all have ample hands-on experience – to work alongside me.

I quote in particular Andrea Magni international IT expert, trainer and software developer www.andreamagni.eu

This is how CLEVER-SUITE came about: a wholly innovative set of applications for the overall designing of transformers and inductors.

The first release delivered to a client dates back to 2012. The product was officially put on the market in 2015. Over these last few years we have increasingly fine-tuned calculation methods, interface and data management and today I am proud to say that… my dream has come true.

Our passion, great experience and respective skills have enabled us to create the only software on the market that fully meets the needs of the producers of electromagnetic elements.

Daniela Zanini


CLEVER-SUITE is the working tool we wish we had when we were the designers!