How expensive is it for you NOT to have a software?

With the right software:

You can easily and rapidly optimize your product even at the offering stage

  • you meet your client’s special requirements at the lower possible cost
  • you increase by an average of 58% the chances that the offer will turn into an order
  • Calculations are sure-proof even for special components
  • Your nonconformities are cut down by up to 80%

Your production departments get clear documents

  • Work flows more easily and errors are cut

The use of standard materials is a preferred choice

  • You considerably cut down on your stocks, hence saving on management costs

Design time is halved

  • You can expand at zero cost
  • Your technical department gets more development time
  • Your product becomes ever more competitive

How much would it cost to create the software yourself?

  • Costs are high and unpredictable
  • Implementation time…unimaginable
  • Tests to ensure correct running? They could cost you a lot

What if such an advanced software already existed
and at an absolutely sustainable price?