For any need you can count on us

Technical consultancy

  • Would you like to develop a new product?
  • Are you tackling the design of an especially complex element?
  • Do you need help facing an unusually large amount of work?

We can provide:

  • Technical advice intended to increase your know-how
  • Support in tackling the design of special elements
  • Full design of any element
manuale tecnico

Technical manual

  • Do you want to organize your design rules like a manual?
  • Do you have to comply with the ISO9001 standards in a short time?

We can provide:

  • Assistance in the collection and organization of your know-how.
  • A complete technical manual.

OEach further alteration to the design specifications, as well as being adapted in the software, will also immediately update the technical manual. In this way both the software and the technical manual will always go hand in hand.

The technical manual is a important tool of shared knowledge among designers and an essential tool to comply with ISO9001 regulations.

In our manual the design specifications all have the same structure and are set out so as to enable quick reference access.

Software development

You can request bespoke software to design e.g. a range of elements not set out by the current applications or in order to perform specific calculations. Development is rapid. We guarantee support during and after implementation and, most of all, staff training.

sviluppo software daniela zanini esc
web design daniel zanini esc

Website creation

Are you thinking about updating your website?

We can provide you:

  • A professional and modern website.

In fact, in addition to being specialized in the creation of websites we know your area in deep.
We will understand each other perfectly and the results will be awesome.