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Design transformers, including special ones, thanks to the Clever Transfo application, which may be fully tailor-made to suit your needs! Designing a transformer doesn’t take much, an Excel spreadsheet would be enough, the real challenge lies in meeting the client’s requirements cost-effectively. This is why you need an application which is versatile, advanced, reliable and all-encompassing.  Thanks to Clever Transfo you can also design transformers with integrated inductors and for the rectifier transformers 12-pulse. Thanks to Clever Transfo you can design transformers which greatly vary from the standard, given how adaptable the tool is.  Full mechanical designing and the automatic filling-out of the parts list will enable you to have the main sheets ready for the factory in just a few minutes.  Thanks to Clever Transfo you will be able to meet the needs of demanding clients who ask that you respond quickly to special requirements.  Turn competitive for these elements, too!

Single phase and three phase LV transformer from 3KVA to 1MVA

Physical characteristic of elements:

  1. Single phase and three phase LV transformer
  2. Transformers with integrated inductor
  3. Rectified transformers 12 pulses
  • Cooling: natural or forced
  • Temperature class: B-F-H
  • Duty cicle % : according to standard rules
  • Connection groups: S, P, SA, D, Y, Yn, Z, Zn  (also asymmetrical)
  • Core: rectangular with magnetic steel  GO o NO in different quality according to loss level (W/kg)
  • Core assembly column/Yokes: crossed section, long column, core with gaps
  • Number of windings: max. 10
  • Type of winding channels: in front only, in side only, in front and side
  • Conductor types: wire, flat wire, foil or others if requested
  • Conductor materials: aluminium or copper
  • Schield: preceding or following winding the winding
  • Insulation materials: any insulation,  according to the customer’s needs
  • Carpentry: according to the model provided by the customer
  • Output terminal: according to the customer needs

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The three versions: Starter, Professional and Enterprise are designed to meet the needs of every transformer manufacturer, from the smallest to the largest.

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Opinions of those who chose us

As manufacturers of low-voltage transformers, we have found CLEVER a valid support tool for the design and, most of all, optimum implementation of the machine in detail.

We have appreciated the user-friendly and pragmatic design data entry leading to a detailed and precise outcome, which is then reflected in the actual making of the product. The measured parameters are then reflected in our lab tests, thus confirming how valid the formulations found in the software are

Being able to manage the components’ database enables us to handle stocks cost-effectively. We have also appreciated the option of keeping a design archive which enables us not only to trace the final product but also to safeguard the know-how acquired.


Budoia (PN), Zucchiatti elettromeccanica

My job as a consultant is mostly about designing special electromagnetic elements. This is why I have long been using the CLEVER applications, which enable me to quickly find solutions whilst being confident of the outcome of computations, even with elements that largely differ from standards. The opportunity to find out the cost of materials enables me to render my designs cost-effective.

Excellent after-sales service.


Novara, Tematec Consulting

I use CLEVER SUITE as a designer of transformers and inductors and maintain that it’s a very valid, powerful and extremely easy-to-use tool. Thanks to its integrated mechanical design I can get weights, costs and sizes without additional computations so that I am able, in little time, to comply with specifications that sometimes involve very strict requirements. The chance to file executed designs and look them up through an efficient search tool, enables me to use studies carried out in the past, thereby cutting down on design times. The documents CLEVER produces, which are well made and easy to read, have also been appreciated by my clients.


CH - Manno, Estecom sagl

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It’s really easy to implement CLEVER-SUITE in your company: you can start appreciating its benefits gradually and decide only after you’ve used it whether you wish to invest money on it.

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