Technical benefits

What do you want your next design software to be like?

What do you want your next design software to be like?

Perhaps powerful but easy to use.

Doing the “dirty work” i.e. all the repetitive calculations so that

  • you can focus on the essence of the project

A software which, even when working with non-standard elements, can offer correct calculations so

  • you cut on errors and have no need to worry

A software which enables you to compare the cost of more variants so

  • you optimize the project with no effort

that the design process is able to speed up greatly so

  • you can deal with offers and design projects the same day

A software that offers full mechanical design and factory documents so

  • You avoid transcription errors
  • You save on time
  • Boring jobs are no longer needed

A software that files all the documents in the right place autonomously so

  • You no longer have to do it

A software that helps you use standard materials as much as possible so

  • You can keep your stocks to a minimum

A software that remembers previous projects and is able to find what you need so

  • There is no need to redesign from scratch elements already analysed in the past

Ask yourself….

What will work be like when you can enjoy designing your projects without having to worry about all the trouble connected with it?

How will you feel when, at the end of the year, they’ll tell you that nonconformities have been cut by 80%?

We are designers just like you and when we implemented CLEVER-SUITE it is precisely you we thought of, to make your job as a designer just what it should be: genius and pure creativity.